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"I understand the struggle of battling weight-loss, and I want to be apart of the solution"

I have battled with negative body issues, insecurities, and low self -esteem from youth, up into early adulthood. I understand the emotional toll it can sometimes take on your mental, and physical health.


I began the mission of helping others, in an effort to inspire people to become healthier versions of themselves. I have been a professional fitness trainer for over 8 years, and am certified through ISSA, International Sport Science Association. As a fitness and wellness trainer, my focus has always been weight-loss, and I am very proud of what my clients have accomplished during that time. Some of my greatest success stories/clients have reached and astounding combined weight-loss of over 800lbs as counting.


The most important question that I'm asked at the beginning of this process, is where do we begin?


We begin with addressing BAD HABITS.  Changing bad habits while adjusting to healthier ones can sometimes be a challenging experience.


While it can be a little overwhelming in the beginning, I am here to help you through it.  So yes, there will be hard days, days that will make you want to abandon this journey, but I believe in the people I train, and anyone else that is on a fitness and wellness journey. Anyone can do it, and my job is to be intentional in guiding them through, step by step.

Everyday we're given, is an opportunity to grow and learn. Becoming healthy is a 4 step process. Acknowledging what our bad habits are, replacing them with healthy habits, finding physical activities that we can enjoy, and replacing negative thoughts with good ones.

We begin this journey by showing kindness to ourselves, and to our bodies. I think you'll find that in doing so, it sparks a ripple affect into other parts of our lives, and that is where the wellness part of this process comes into play.

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